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What is Mobidash?

Mobidash provides real time dashboards for Tesla vehicle users - all the information necessary to their driving efficiency, and battery usage is readily presented in a user-friendly and attractively designed way. Tesla EVs come with an API platform which partners can access, and therefore, makes it possible for Mobidash app to function.


What dashboards will I find in the app?

In the Dashboard screen you can find useful information about your vehicle’s status:

  • Your current battery level - while it’s important to know your vehicle’s battery level, it’s useful to see how it translates into km/mi range;

  • Range: Ideal Range - based on an ideal eco-driving; Estimated Range - based on a more realistic driving; Time Range - the amount of time battery you have left, based on current usage;

  • Odometer;

  • Energy per Hour - how much energy per hour your vehicle is currently using;

  • Kms lost since the last session;

  • Consumption: energy used in the last 24h - even while parked, your vehicle still uses some battery; this can be important to identify battery drain or to guarantee you have battery left for your next trip;

  • Your vehicle’s current location, with a share button - you can easily share your location

  • Your car’s temperature: outside and inside;

  • Resume from your last trip: distance, battery used.

Where can I find information about my battery status?

In the Battery Info screen is where you manage your charging session. For example, you can change the maximum battery level you want for each charging session; you can see your last charging session information, namely, how much battery (%), how many km/mi and kw/h were added and the charging cost.

You can also see your vehicle’s current status: parked, driving, charging, service, and battery level.

What is the difference between Estimated Range and Ideal Range?

In Mobidash app you will find both information: estimated range and ideal range. While they both relate to the amount of km/mi your battery will provide you, the two concepts can have different meanings: the realistic Estimated Range gives you a more accurate estimate of your range, considering your usual driving style, (you can find the number of km/mi added to your Estimated Range in the last session, in the Battery Info screen); on the other hand, the Ideal Range can be taken into account when you have an eco-driving style, and so, it’s usually a less accurate prediction of your range (you can also see the number of km/mi added to your Ideal Range in your last session in the Battery Info screen).


What about my last sessions? Will I be able to see that information?

Yes, in the History screen is where Mobidash app presents information about your last sessions. You can select which sessions you want to check - charge, trip, parked, or service.

In the Trip Session detail, you will be able to see the following information: starting point, destination, view map, distance, energy consumed, time duration, driving style (Eco, Standard, Sport).

What Reports will I be able to see?

In the Reports screen is where you find summary information by categories. You can choose between seeing the information by time or by km/mi.

Time period - you can see each report considering 4 different time periods: hour/day/week/month/year – this last one can be particularly interesting if you consider to sell your car, and want to show you battery state of health (SoH), and how well you managed your vehicle.


Report categories (By Time):

  • Battery: estimated range, ideal range, battery level, Wh, watts;

  • Temperature: outside temperature, inside temperature;

  • Battery Health: max km available.


Report categories (By Km):

  • Battery: estimated range, ideal range, battery level, Wh, watts;

  • Driving: speed, efficiency, Wh/KM;

  • Temperature: outside temperature, inside temperature;

  • Battery Health: max km available.


What happens if there is no network? Does the app still work?

The app can only work if there is network, so it can communicate with Tesla API. What we recommend in these situations is that you look for a location with better network coverage to use all of Mobidash's features. The app only keeps the vehicle info in a cache; for everything else it needs connection.


How does Mobidash  guarantees the security and privacy of my data?

We do not use or store any personal data. Only data from the vehicle is used and it’s encrypted. Mobidash app does not store your account password – our servers never see your password. It communicates directly with Tesla to obtain an Authentication Token and uses the token to track driving and charging metrics.

You can check our Privacy Policy here.

You can check our Terms and Conditions here.

Do I need to have Mobidash app open to the metrics to be logged to the app?

You do not need to open the app for it to collect metrics. You can drive, and afterwards, you analyze your trip. You can also pause logging of driving and charging metrics at any time.

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